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If you are Greek, there are specific dreams that you are not allowed to have, in the opinion of every classic Greek grandma.

Prejudices and superstitions used to be creations of illiteracy, ignorance, insecurity and fear for the simple people of Greece ages ago. However, although my Greek friends have PhDs and are, what we pretty much, “citizens of the world”, still to this day I would be told off by them in case I would dare to enter a new household using my left foot. Don’t get me started on my grandmother that tends to “remove the evil eye” off of me every time I visit her! Among the many Greek superstitions we grew up with there are those related to dreams. And guess what, we have even invented a word for that: “Ονειρομαντεία“, or dream-guessing, in plain English.


Dream-guessing 101, according to the Greeks

 According to the Greek gang of experts -aka my grandma, her cousin and her bestie- that was exclusively interviewed for this piece, dream-guessing is an old habit of, let’s say, more mature people. Dream-guessing is based on the idea that  dreams foretell to those having them, and not only, something about to happen in the near, or even distant, future. 

Scientists believe bad dreams are caused due to excessive stress, alcohol or drug abuse and spicy food. In Greece, the majority of meanings for specific dreams is common all around the country. But in some areas specific dreams could be considered good, while in others bad.

Apparently, again during ancient times Greeks were not the only ones having too much time in their hands to the point that they had to sit down and explain their dreams. Our Arab friends had the similar worries and consider specific dreams as a curse.


8 dreams you are NOT supposed to have if you are Greek

 1. Do not dare to dream of teeth. If they fall, someone close to you might die

2. Mud. Wish not to fall in a muddy area, because in that case someone close to you will get sick apparently

3. Horse. Here’s a good sign for a change, if you dream of horses something good will soon happen to you .

4. Snake. You just got yourself an enemy.

5. Baby. If a little one appears in your dreams, do not get ahold of yourself and think it’s cute, No ! You should be expecting really bad news to come your way.

6. Blood. The bad news are already there, you just haven’t heard them yet !

7. Fish. That’s a classic one ! If you dream of fish, you should be expecting to be somehow terrified.

8. Alive person seen as dead. We kept the good news for the end, it means that this particular person will live a long-lasting life.


Of course there are more significant dreams with their own interpretations, common almost all over Greece. Greek people continue to dream, to seek and interpret those messages from the universe, no matter how many University degrees they might have… At the end of the day, yiayia (Greek for grandma) knows best. And let’s be honest, I might have whatsapped mine a few times this week so that removes that evil off of me and take my migraine away ; and it actually worked, just like an effective placebo !