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La Taqueria - it’s like this place has been plucked straight out of Mexico City and gently dropped in Downtown Dubai.

It was my very good friend Christiana, and apparently one of their most loyal customers, who introduced me to this awesome spot; and especially when it comes to food, her suggestions are always welcome by my side. After testing it myself, I definitely approve and agree with her; la Taqueria is the perfect spot for a casual dinner on a school-night, featuring the most accurate reproduction of the most popular Mexican recipes, here in Dubai. Although, it might feel like you are visiting a family-owned restaurant, you will come across an expert service. Located at the ground floor of the Opal Tower, in Downtown Dubai la Taqueria opened quite recently and other than the most delish food, also offers to its customers free parking; something rarely found in Dubai.

A huge applaud to

  • The fact that the ensemble of the staff is Mexicans. It’s a personal preference, I guess, when the food that I eat has the same nationality as the person who prepared it, with the native knowledge and all the love it takes to give a meal even more flavor.
  • The person who came up with the “The Gringo always asks for” section of the menu.
  • The fact that you might spot the general manager of the restaurant himself, that kindly comes to welcome you to his “home” and takes or serves your order.

 We literally inhaled our food last time we were there. My mouth goes watery when I’m thinking of…

  • The hot, fresh tortilla chips, brought to every table along with the three typical sauces, as a starter. No need to order; they come to the newcomers and the frequents as some kind of a welcome wish.
  • The horchata, the classic Mexican milky drink that will quench your inevitable thirst after a long day in an urban desert, like Dubai.
  • The spicy guacamole that has the perfect consistency between smooth and chunky. As for the spicy part, it was definitely a reminder that when Mexicans call something “spicy” they really mean it.
  • The shrimp tacos and their unforgettable aroma, but also the barbacoa ones, that you should simply be ready to order a second portion of, once you have devoured the first one.
  • The chewy enchiladas swimming in red Mole sauce that are dissolving in your mouth in every bite.


  • I don’t want to have to wait in a queue for a spot at this lovely place the moment every single expat of this city discovers it, their marketing strategy could use some work. More people should be able to enjoy authentic Mexican food. 

La Taqueria is hands down my favorite Mexican spot in Dubai, at the moment.

Stay tuned for another review of a Mexican place, a bit more fancy this time, which has recently arrived at the top of my favorites’ list.