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PVW Newsletter

The name says it all; Cocktail Kitchen is a cool minimal kitchen where signature cocktails are made in front of your thirsty eyes.


I cheered on the fact that: 

  • For once, I didn’t have to reserve a place at such a popular spot! It is very fashionable but not packed which means you can go and casually sit your bum on one of these comfortable stools at the bar, without any kind of fancy introductions. It almost feels like you’re not in Dubai!
  • There was an immense bronze-metallic bowl of fruits that were freshly cut and poured into your drink of choice. I must admit I have kind of idolised the décor of this place, to the point where I want to find an oversized fruit-bowl for my own kitchen! The peachy colored wooden surfaces, the cool grey floors, the massive pots of cactus-y greens, the minimal neon signs, and my list can go on and on as I observed every little corner of this eye-candy of decoration! (Who else noticed the catchy "please don't flush nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex's sweater, hopes, dreams or goldfish down this toilet" sign in the bathroom)?!


You should order too:

  • The octopus starter. The octopus arm is so delicate and flavourful, even thinking about it is making my mouth water. The miniature potatoes and the piquant orange sauce that it comes with made this petite starter even more heavenly. Respect to the chef who regarded this little octopus almost ceremoniously and didn’t treat the dish as if it was “just a starter”.
  • The Pastis Project. I am minimal when it comes to my drinks; I like my beverages simple and unsweetened. But this gin cocktail does worth a mention. The barman starts by spraying a pastis aroma all over the picturesque glass destined to serve your cocktail in which caught my eye –and nose- immediately and made want to heed the whole preparation. Plus, the berry jam used in this cocktail reminded me of nothing artificial, instead it tasted so gracefully, as if it is coming from a German countryside.


No need to order:

  • The lamb skewers. The concept behind this dish definitely gets a plus point; the starter is clearly inspired by the Greek, bigger in size of course, lamb skewers accompanied by the classic grilled bread drizzled with olive oil and oregano which gave my Greek identity a cheer. But the temperature of the food and the somewhat flavourless meat definitely showed that they were way pre-cooked, long before I placed my order, adding a minus point to the score.


I didn’t get why:

  • Would the interior designer want to make the way to the washroom so complicated? Alright, I get the minimal attitude and basic interior of the place but explain to me why did you need to make this area pitch black and remove, as well, the handles from the doors? Cocktail Kitchens’ managing team, if you happen to be reading this, please rethink the usability of this particular space. You don’t want your customers to be loosing their way to the bathroom when they already had more of these delicious cocktails than they should.
  • You want to call yourself “Cocktail Kitchen” if you cannot stand up to your name appropriately. From a cocktail bar I, at least, expect for the barman to be making the cocktails instantly. Unfortunately, as the stuff is preparing your drinks in front of your bear, and not yet very tipsy eyes, what you will notice, when ordering your first drinks, is that most of the cocktail blends are pre-mixed. Kind of an odd technique for a place that was not even that crowded that particular night.